Resonance and Renewal  – 2024.04

Earlier in the year, I was struggling with a series of mental and personal challenges. Inspired by the art movement Dansaekhwa, I wanted to create a series of pieces reinterpreting this movement.

Dansaekhwa (translated to monochrome painting) emerged as a movement after a period of economic, political, and social turmoil. To contrast this period, post-war South Korean artists embraced mindfulness as an act of self-healing. In order to search for peace, one of the main characteristics of this movement was to use repitition and movement. In addition to techniques, artists sought to use materiality and unconventional production techniques to break away from traditional Korean art.

Looping back, my journey with mindfulness isn’t just about discovering something new but revisiting what already exists and coming to terms with it. As such, in my paintings I chose to use materials that were readily available to me at the studio aside from the burlap canvas. Materials like an old tube of blue paint, a bucket of white acrylic, and pen ink previously used to refill fountain pens.